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BIG expands in Fortnite with Isac “Jappe” Åhs

Little over three months ago, we made our first steps into the Fortnite pro scene by signing Daniel “DomiNate” Garcia as our Fortnite player and streamer. DomiNate quickly made a...

BIG – Summer Recap

The past few months have been some of the most successful and action-packed ones in the history of Berlin International Gaming. Even we had a hard time keeping up with...

BIG präsentiert das OMEN Academy Team 2018/2019

Nach unserem Einstieg in die Nachwuchsförderung gemeinsam mit OMEN by HP im August 2018 und der anschließenden fünfwöchigen Bewerbungs- und Castingphase, können wir heute unser erstes offizielles BIG. OMEN Academy...

Changes to our League of Legends team

After finishing in fourth place in the Summoner’s Inn League earlier this month, we took some time off to review our game plan and how we will approach the next...

OMEN Academy – Grand Final

Nach einer fünfwöchigen Bewerbungs- und Castingphase nähern wir uns der Entscheidung. Heute Abend, ab 20:00 CET, werden Fatih “gob b” Dayik, Alexander “kakafu” Szymanczyk und Michele “zonixx” Köhler gemeinsam das...

OMEN Academy Castingphase

Start der Castingphase für das offizielle OMEN Academy Team am 17.09.2018 mit Michele “zonixx” Köhler Hunderte Bewerbungen, Replays und Motivationsschreiben. Jede einzelne Bewerbung repräsentiert dabei nicht nur den Willen ein...

BIG drops into Fortnite – Daniel “DomiNate” Garcia

Over the course of the past few months, we have closely followed the impressive growth of Fortnite, looking for the best opportunity to enter the scene. After reviewing all our...

BIG joins forces with OMEN by HP

In all sports including eSports, top-notch equipment is essential in bringing the most out of your athletes, and allowing them to unleash their full potential without any restrictions. Berlin International...
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