In a remarkable display of skill and determination, our formidable Trackmania duo, Dennis “massa” Lotze and Nico “GranaDy” Gyarmati, have successfully secured their place in the forthcoming Ascension Tournament qualifier!
Taking place over the last weekend, this qualification marks a pivotal step towards participating in the main event, scheduled for October in Montpellier, France. The Ascension Tournament, organized by the esteemed French figure Adrien “Zerator” Nougaret, stands as one of the most prestigious events on the Trackmania calendar, boasting a substantial $100,000 prize pool.
While GranaDy previously vied for a spot in the tournament during a qualifier held in Lyon this past July, victory eluded him at the final hurdle. However, with both members of our dynamic duo now in contention, we are poised to make a resounding impact in the main event. 
The anticipation is palpable as we count down to the 16th of September, a date that promises thrilling competition. On this day, our exceptional duo, alongside fourteen other skilled contenders, will engage in a fierce race for one of the coveted eight slots in the main event! Make sure to tune in at to witness our performance for yourself. 

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