Montpellier, October 28th 2023 – We proudly applaud the remarkable performance of our Trackmania division in the illustrious Ascension 2023 tournament circuit!
The journey to the grand stage commenced with our Trackmania duo, massa and GranaDy, securing their coveted spots in the event through the second closed qualifier, held in Lille. Their triumph in the qualifier not only earned them well-deserved recognition through entertaining moments, but also granted them access to the fiercely competitive main event.
Upon arrival in Montpellier, France, our racers were met with an electrifying atmosphere as they faced off against formidable opponents in front of an enthusiastic audience of over 8,000 spectators. GranaDy’s exemplary performance saw him cruise through the first semi-final, securing his place in the grand final as the second seed. The second semi-final proved to be a close race as well, but massa was unable to come out on top this time, ending his run in the semi-finals.
GranaDy’s exceptional performance persisted throughout the grand final, where he engaged in an intense battle at the very end against formidable opponents Gwen and Carl Jr. While the championship title was just an arm’s reach away, he ultimately secured a commendable third-place finish, earning a prize of $15,000.
The Ascension 2023 tournament not only showcased the skills of our Trackmania division but also underscored the rapidly growing popularity of Trackmania in the realm of esports. For an immersive experience of the event, we invite everyone to watch our official aftermovie, which captures the essence of this incredible tournament.

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