What an exhilarating journey it has been for our Trackmania duo, GranaDy and massa, as they persevered through an incredible challenge to earn their places at the Ascension main event in Montpellier. Just a week ago, they showcased their skills to secure places in the qualifier, and now they have triumphed again, securing their ticket to the main event taking place on October 28.
The road to Montpellier has been a thrilling rollercoaster ride for them. The atmosphere at the Lille qualifier was nothing short of electric, with the crowd cheering and gasping at every turn on the track. The palpable excitement filled the arena as GranaDy and massa battled it out against other top-tier competitors. The energy in the arena was a true testament to the passion and enthusiasm of the Trackmania fans.


GranaDy ultimately emerged as the star of the qualifier in Lille. With his unwavering determination and skill, he secured the first place in the qualifier. After GranaDy’s victory, the crowd erupted into chants of his name, adding to the already electric atmosphere in Lille:
“I just feel absolutely insane. Being here is insane. Being in front of this crowd is insane. This is the best day of my career and of my entire life. Thanks to absolutely everyone who’s helping me in chasing my dream.” – GranaDy, shortly after his triumph.
Massa followed suit, finishing in third place and also securing his spot in the main event in Montpellier with an outstanding performance involving some incredible driving with calculated risks:
“Third place feels unreal. Thanks to everyone in the arena, thanks to my organization, my teammate, and my friends. It is just beyond crazy.” – said massa.
Our duo will now set out to Montpellier together to compete for the title. Stay tuned and follow their journey in style with the LIMITED EXCEPTIONNEL edition of the BIG Trackmania jersey.

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