We united some of the best and most prestigious players to compete with the world’s leading esport organizations. Since our start in January 2017, our Counter-Strike 2 roster is considered the best German and one of the world’s leading teams after multiple international trophies and top placements.

League of Legends

In March 2018 we entered League of Legends. Since then, we forged multiple tremendously talented and successful roster, which represented BIG with all their passion and dedication for the game. Today, our League of Legends team is considered as one of the best German and European teams after winning multiple national championships and the European Masters in 2019.

We continue to represent the excellence we built over the years with our new roster as well, looking to continue dominating the Prime League and bring home another coveted EU Masters title.


As one of the invited participants in the Trackmania World Tour, we looked towards establishing a duo that can contend for the trophy. Joining our long-time driver Dennis “massa” Lotze is another world-class German driver, Nico “GranaDy” Gyarmati. 

The two of them will be representing BIG in the Trackmania World Tour starting in 2023, and will be facing off against seven other duos in a race for the championship title. With the two best German drivers backing us up, we are filled with optimism for the upcoming season and can’t wait to start!

Starcraft II

In our quest to unite the best Germany has to offer, bringing aboard Tobias “ShoWTimE” Sieber in our expansion to StarCraft was a nobrainer.

As a household name in StarCraft and one of the most successful German players, Tobias has already built himself quite a name in StarCraft. With a competitive history dating back to 2012, he has made numerous deep runs in WCS tournaments, most notably winning the 2016 WCS Spring Circuit Championship.

Tekken 7

Spearheading our fighting games division is Arja “Sephiblack” Gamoori! As the best German Tekken player and a top European contender, he is well known for his mastery of Miguel, and wholehearted approach to both competition and streaming.

BIG Academy

Formed in 2018, our BIG Academy project is one of the longest-standing and most successful academy projects in Counter-Strike. Through our program, many young talented German players have made the leap to professional teams, as well as being promoted to our main Counter-Strike lineup. 

A household name in the WePlay Academy League as well as recent ESL Meisterschaft champions, the BIG Academy have shown their prowess internationally, and are considered as one of the best German teams.


Another addition to our Counter-Strike department, BIG EQUIPA is our Iberian powerhouse competing in the ESL Impact league! Stay up to date with one of the best women’s CS:GO team in the world.

BIG Fortnite

We are excited to announce BIG’s strategic entry into Fortnite, a decision that has been carefully planned for an extensive period. As we expand our games portfolio, we are committed to significantly increasing our investment in our Fortnite division. Fortnite’s global appeal, with hundreds of millions of players, offers immense potential, particularly in the DACH region. We are thrilled to have signed exceptional talents like kiro and kiduoo, who rank among the world’s elite players. Beyond competitive esports, our involvement will extend to the Creator space, where we plan to collaborate with our players on unique in-game content and engaging campaigns for the broader gaming community.

  • Lycian "Kiduoo" Kubelt
  • Oliwier “Trexer” Zelazko
  • Christian “Fray” Hennig
  • Lukas “Cheetiin” Luhn

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