Berlin, September 12th 2023 – Entering the fourth season of ESL Impact with a whole new level of firepower, we are delighted to welcome Paulie “pauliiee” Barazani to BIG EQUIPA!
Showcasing her proficiency as a rifler in the last season of ESL Impact, Paulie is one of the most promising young players in women’s Counter-Strike. Previously playing for NIP Impact, she brought home four cash cups, and reached second place in the GWBS Women’s Tournament, taking down Nigma Galaxy to qualify for the grand final. She now unites with BIG EQUIPA, as they look to challenge for the trophy of the fourth ESL Impact season.
Competing in the ESL Impact circuit from the very beginning, BIG EQUIPA is one of the strongest women’s CS:GO teams in the world, with regular playoffs appearances and top placements. Spearheaded by Portuguese sniper Ana “Zana” Queiroz, the team make their first international signing with the arrival of Paulie.
The team is currently bootcamping at the BIG facilities in Berlin as they prepare for the upcoming season with their new lineup. Make sure to tune in for their opening match in just a few days, where they will be competing against ENCE Athena, Nigma Galaxy, NIP Impact, YeYO and VP.Angels to qualify for the LAN Finals.


Statement Roman Reinhardt, CGO Berlin International Gaming
After a long and intensive tryout phase we have decided for pauliiee. With this, the team around our coach MusambaN1 will call in English for the first time. Despite her young age, Pauliee has already proved that she can perform at the highest level. She is a perfect addition and brings everything with her.
Everyone on the team brings so much passion and talent. I am convinced that our ladies and Musa will play for the qualification again. They have my full confidence! Our EQUIPA team is currently in our office and is preparing intensively for the season. I am looking forward to the next months!

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