BIG drops into Fortnite

Berlin, Germany. April 30th, 2024 — Berlin International Gaming (BIG), Germany’s premier esports organization, announces our strategic entry into Fortnite. By signing Lycian “Kiduoo” Kubelt and Troy “Kiro” Alexis, we take a big step into the competitive Fortnite scene. This expansion is part of BIG’s long-term strategy to enhance our presence in global gaming and esports ecosystems.
Our new BIG Fortnite duo quickly made a name for themselves in the competitive Fortnite scene. Their impressive performance, which culminated in securing third place at the recent European Fortnite Championship, showcases their extraordinary skill and synergy in high-stakes competitions.
As we prepare to participate in the upcoming Esports World Cup, plans are in place to further expand our roster with additional signings in the 4v4 format. Our presence not only boosts BIG’s competitive lineup but also promises exciting developments in our strategic engagement within the Fortnite community.
“We are excited to announce BIG’s strategic entry into Fortnite, a decision that has been carefully planned for an extensive period,” says Daniel Finkler, CEO of BIG. “With Fortnite’s massive global appeal, we see tremendous potential, especially in the DACH region. We’re excited to welcome elite talents like Kiro and Kiduoo to our team. Fortnite is more than a game, it’s a cultural phenomenon that unites millions. At BIG, we’re excited to bring our unique style to this dynamic landscape and enhance the global gaming experience.”
Looking ahead, BIG is committed to the long-term development of a larger Fortnite community. This includes initiatives such as a Creator Program and custom Map Designs, aimed at fostering greater engagement and innovation within the Fortnite ecosystem and its fans.

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