We are thrilled to announce that BIG Chroma, our talented female and non-binary League of Legends team, has secured a prominent position atop the leaderboard of the Equal eSports Cup. Following their resounding victory in the third Closed Qualifier, BIG Chroma’s exceptional performance reflects their dedication and prowess in the competitive circuit.
Emerging victorious in the third Closed Qualifier, BIG Chroma has clinched the lead on the points leaderboard. With only one more qualifier remaining before the impending culmination of the circuit, the team’s strategic efforts have propelled them to a remarkable position.
The journey to their current achievement was marked by consistent excellence. In the initial qualifier, BIG Chroma secured an impressive second-place finish, powered by their new midlaner Vixen. Their campaign was momentarily halted by the formidable G2 Hel, the favorites, who clinched the top spot. Despite this, the team amassed substantial points, gaining 500 in the first qualifier and 175 in the second.
The turning point arrived in the third qualifier, as BIG Chroma showcased their exceptional skills. Overcoming significant challenges, they triumphed over G2 Hel in the semi-finals and secured a decisive 2:1 victory against their rivals SK Avarosa in the grand final. This triumphant performance earned them a commendable 1000 points, solidifying their lead. As we eagerly anticipate their participation in PATHFINDERS this weekend and the forthcoming Qualifier Four in early September, BIG Chroma’s journey remains an inspiring testament to their dedication and competitive spirit.

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