BIG to participate in Trackmania World Tour 2023

Berlin, October 24th 2022 – We are excited to share the news that BIG has been invited to participate in the upcoming Trackmania World Tour alongside seven other top esports organizations!
Since our expansion to Trackmania in early 2018, we have grown to be one of the household names in the title with an incredibly skilled driver in Dennis “massa” Lotze representing us. Reaching multiple great placings in the Trackmania Grand League and winning the German Trackmania Cup as well in 2021, massa has shown us his excellent skills on multiple occasions.
We have also shown our commitment to Trackmania through our very own tournament series: the BIG Volvic Charity Race. Organized in collaboration with our partner Volvic, the tournament features five professionals and five drivers from the community, who put on a show to gather funds for UNICEF’s Water Project initiative. Over the course of the 2021 tournament over 10,000€ was raised for charity! We will start the second iteration in the coming weeks!
We are delighted to continue working together with Nadeo for the upcoming Trackmania World Tour, and to continue entertaining our fans with some top-quality Trackmania!


Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO BIG
We are very proud to be part of the upcoming Trackmania World Tour as one of the few selected clubs to participate in the game’s most prestigious league. In addition to our top driver Dennis “Massa” Lotze, who has already been an essential part of the BIG family since 2018, we will continue to expand our Trackmania division in the coming year and welcome yet another professional Trackmania driver to BIG. As Trackmania enjoys great popularity, we are very confident in the game’s potential and look forward to the World Tour next year.

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