Welcome BIG Chroma to Berlin International Gaming

Berlin, November 11th 2022 – BIG is excited to welcome BIG Chroma as the latest addition to our League of Legends department!
BIG Chroma is a new project focusing on scouting female and non-binary talent in League of Legends and aiding their development as professional athletes. Winning the Equal Esports Festival in Cologne this September, BIG Chroma has already a title under their belt while representing the BIG colours. Their development as a team and individual players will be assisted by the same structure and staff who helped our League of Legends department bring home numerous Prime League trophies and the coveted European Masters title as well.
To follow up on our success with BIG EQUIPA – our women’s team in CS:GO – we are committed to continue supporting underrepresented groups in esports, and to provide them with the same structure and facilities our other teams receive. Please welcome captain Luna “Zavee” Lochmann, Madison “CrowMac” Coutelet, Georgia “Trez” Wheeler, Miki “Nugget” Maurer, and Gina “Lumi” Kircher to BIG!


Statement Christian Lenz, CGO
I’m super excited to see our LoL family grow. We had the chance to work with five awesome individuals during the last Equal Esports event in Cologne and ended up signing them immediately after. Female and non-binary talents are massively underrated and deserve their spot in the esports ecosystem like everyone else. Together with our partners and the Esports Player Foundation we will take care of all their needs. Let’s go BIG Chroma!
Statement Luna “Zavee” Lochmann
The opportunity to join an organisation with such great success and experience in developing talents is an incredible honour for all of us. We want to continue developing ourselves and become the greatest version of ourselves, reaching new heights in our gameplay all together while representing BIG’s colours. Securing our first title at the Equal Esports Event was only the beginning. Thanks for having us and thanks for cheering for us!
Statement Philipp Neubauer, CMO
Building up role models for young, aspiring female and non-binary gamers plays a key role in how we want to build BIG in the next few years. Being an underrepresented group, particularly in the esports scene, is a huge loss for our community as a whole. With the formation of BIG Chroma we are looking to create a precedent for all female and non-binary gamers by providing them with the same world-class facilities as we provide to our other teams. #GOBIG

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