BIG signs GranaDy to Trackmania team

Berlin, November 25th 2022 – Rounding out our duo for the Trackmania World Tour, we are delighted to welcome Nico “GranaDy” Gyarmati to BIG!
When we learned that BIG will be one of the organizations with a slot in the upcoming Trackmania World Tour, we started looking for a driver who could join Dennis “massa” Lotze to be our duo for the circuit. It quickly became clear that GranaDy is by far the best choice, as a world-class German driver and household name in the Trackmania Grand League. 
The two of them will be representing BIG in the Trackmania World Tour starting in 2023, and will be facing off against seven other duos in a race for the championship title. With the two best German drivers backing us up, we are filled with optimism for the upcoming season and can’t wait to start!


Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO
After becoming an official partner team of the upcoming Trackmania World Tour with BIG, I am very excited to announce a prominent new addition to BIG.
Nico “GranaDy” Gyarmati will drive in BIG colors in the upcoming season alongside Dennis “Massa” Lotze. With now two world-class drivers at BIG, I am very pleased to represent Germany in the highest Trackmania division on the international stage next year.
Statement Nico “GranaDy” Gyarmati
I’m extremely happy for the opportunity to play for BIG and I look forward to the upcoming tournaments! Massa and I are getting along very nicely and I can’t wait to practice, play and succeed together to show everyone what we are capable of!
Statement Dennis “massa” Lotze
I’m more than excited to team up with GranaDy – another German top player! Nico is a great guy and has evolved a lot these past years. I believe our chemistry inside and outside of the game is going to be some of the best! The team format is something I’ve always missed and it’s a pleasure to represent BIG now with such a teammate! #GOBIG

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