Iasi, September 3rd 2023 – After an excellent performance, Team Germany and the four BIG players who were part of the team finish the IESF World Championship at Iasi as vice-champions!
The German ensemble—comprising of BIG’s Tom “skyye” Hagedorn, Marcel “hyped” Köhn, Josef “faveN” Baumann, Luc “ArroW” Oehmke, and Can “kyuubii” Ali from Team Sangal— concludes their IESF World Championship campaign with an admirable second-place finish. Organized by the International Esports Federation, the tournament features national teams set forward by the local esports federations, with the German team being organized by the ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland).
Their road to the grand final began with an outstanding 5-0 record during the group stage of the world championship, locking them in as first seed of their group. Their dominance continued in the playoffs as they took down Team Denmark and Team Uzbekistan – two of the strongest teams in the tournament – granting them a spot in the grand final. While ultimately conceding to Team Sweden in the grand final, our players walk away with a strong result and $30,000 in prize money.


Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO Berlin International Gaming
Securing second place at the International Esports Federation World Championship is a significant achievement for Team Germany and contributes to the ongoing development of the German esports landscape. The roster, which includes four athletes from BIG, demonstrated consistent performance and resilience throughout the competition in Romania. My gratitude extends to the German Esport Federation ESBD – eSport-Bund Deutschland e.V. – for their nomination and trust in these talented German esports athletes.
Statement Daniel Paulus, Vice-President Competitive Sports, ESBD (eSport-Bund Deutschland)
I’m very pleased that we were able to compete with three teams this year at WEC 2023. Many thanks to all the players, spectators and everyone who were involved like coaches, managers, BIG staff and many others. Being very proud of the 2nd place finish by our CS:GO team, we’re going to send even more teams to compete at WEC 2024 and try to achieve a tournament victory next year.

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