At Combo Breaker, one of the most anticipated fighting game events hosted annually in Chicago, BIG’s very own Tekken 7 marvel, Sephiblack, made an impressive return. Last year, Sephiblack placed fourth, setting a legendary precedent as the sole European player and overcoming several tournament favorites in the process.
This year, Sephiblack set his sights on the coveted prize once again, beginning his journey in the pools with 690 formidable competitors. His performance was nothing short of remarkable as he effortlessly claimed victory over his first five opponents. His first loss came against the formidable Shadow 20z, which meant a continued run, albeit on the lower-bracket of the Top 24.
Unfazed, Sephiblack struck back fiercely, eliminating three US opponents consecutively. His decisive triumph over one of the world’s best players, Anakin, in the final round, ensured his spot in the top eight. The journey culminated in an intensely close series against Joey Fury, where Sephiblack placed eighth. Despite the result, he not only brought home another prominent international result but also upheld his legacy from last year of making top eight at Combo Breaker. It was a tournament run that showcased the skill, determination, and resilience that is emblematic of our Sephiblack.
Cover Photo: Stephanie Lindgren / Vexanie

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