Hamburg, November 5th 2023 – BIG EQUIPA, the Women’s Counter-Strike 2 division of BIG, emerged victorious at the Female Bay Cup 2023 LAN event held in Hamburg!
BIG EQUIPA’s journey to the Female Bay Cup title began with their qualification through the second open qualifier. During the qualification process, they displayed their determination and skill, triumphing over four consecutive opponents to secure their spot in the main event.
Starting in the quarterfinals, BIG EQUIPA faced off against SNOGARD Female, delivering a dominating performance that resulted in a convincing victory in just two maps, effectively eliminating the German side. Moving on to the semi-finals, they encountered Astralis Female, a formidable opponent, and once again showcased their prowess by securing a victory on Ancient and Vertigo, allowing their opponents only 12 rounds in total.
The grand final saw BIG EQUIPA going up against team woofwoof, where they continued their dominant form, clinching the championship with yet another two-map victory. Their outstanding teamwork, strategy, and individual skills culminated in a resounding win, crowning BIG EQUIPA as the champions of the Female Bay Cup 2023 LAN event.
Marta “D7” Asensio delivered an MVP performance over the course of the event, closing it out with a 1.63 HLTV rating and averaged 103.9 damage per round.

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