Berlin, December 13 2023 – This past weekend marked a milestone for our League of Legends team, who faced off against the reigning world champions, T1, in an electrifying match held in Berlin, witnessed by a live audience of over 7,000 fans!
Against all odds, our League of Legends team put up an incredible fight in a nearly 30-minute game, packed with intense highlights such as Vizicsacsi taking down Zeus twice, and our stand-in Jeskla locking down a quadrakill against the world champion. With 384,000 viewers watching the match live, it was one of the most important moments of our League of Legends department, and they lived up to the challenge!
We earned the opportunity to play against T1 by defeating our regional rivals Eintracht Spandau in our very first offline derby, both of us debuting our new Prime League line-ups. Due to the venue and the opportunity to face T1, this was our most important derby to date, and we are delighted to head into another year of Prime League with such an experience in our sails. With the Prime League titles and the EMEA Masters trophy in our sights for the next year, we invite you to follow our League of Legends journey in 2024! 

A BIG thank you goes out to Red Bull for organizing such an incredible event, and we can’t wait for the next League of Its Own, set to be in the Accord Arena, Paris next December! Until then, keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for upcoming video content around the derby and the match against T1!


Sermend “Outlandisch” Al Hmawendi, Head Coach
Today I had tears in my eyes because I knew this would be a special moment for BIG and all my players. The fact that they could face the best players in the world is a crazy experience. Thank you so much Red Bull for making that happen!

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