We are proud to announce a momentous victory for our Counter-Strike 2 team, who have triumphed at the CCT Online Finals 5, earning a spot at the CCT Global Finals in 2024!
Our campaign began in the round of sixteen, where we faced Zero Tenacity. The team set the tone for the tournament with a decisive victory, followed by impressive wins against Guild Eagles and 9 Pandas. This streak of success propelled us to the upper bracket final, where we encountered Aurora.
The first encounter with Aurora showcased our team’s dominance, particularly highlighted by Krimbo’s extraordinary performance, achieving a 2.25 HLTV Rating on Nuke. This victory secured our place in the grand final, where we once again faced Aurora, who had battled their way back through the lower bracket.
Krimbo delivered outstanding performances all tournament long.
The grand final continued to be a display of our team’s preparation and development. We emerged victorious with a 2:0 win, thanks to an outstanding performance by prosus, who distinguished himself as the best player of the grand final with 40 frags.
Krimbo’s consistent excellence throughout the tournament earned him the MVP title, boasting an average rating of 1.38 over ten maps. He was closely followed by our AWPer mantuu, with an impressive 1.37 rating. This victory not only brings home $100,000 in prize money but also cements our team’s position as a formidable force in the upcoming CCT Global Finals.

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