Berlin, November 20th 2023 – The BIG Academy has ended the ESL Meisterschaft 2023 Autumn group stage with a strong performance, earning a direct bye to the upper-bracket finals. 
Their journey began in the Play-In Group Stage, where they competed against their first round of opponents, including GHR E-Sports, Wave Esports, EPIC DUDES, AEX-1, and teamKR. With two wins and three ties, our Academy secured the second seed position, paving the way for them to advance to the Main Group Stage.
In the Main Group Stage, our Academy maintained their stellar performance, taking on even stronger rivals. They secured victories against Reveal and Wave Esports while achieving a tie against aTTaX. This impressive performance led them to finish second overall in the group, setting the stage for their playoffs run.
With their exceptional performance, the BIG Academy will commence their playoffs journey from the upper-bracket finals, where they are set to face a rematch against ALTERNATE aTTaX. This crucial matchup offers them the opportunity to secure a direct qualification to the LAN Grand Final, scheduled to take place in Hannover next month. The BIG Academy is now fully focused on achieving the coveted championship title in the final ESL Meisterschaft season and their third trophy in a row. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as our talented academy aims for victory!

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