BIG & gob b: A new chapter

Berlin, August 2nd, 2019 – Nearly 1000 days after our foundation, Fatih “gob b” Dayik, one of the greatest Counter-Strike legends, will step down from the active roster of BIG and support the organization to shape BIG’s future in a leading position. BIG will announce further roster changes later this afternoon.


Since January 2017 Fatih “gob b” Dayik was the leader of our CS:GO division and helped to lead our rosters to outstanding performances and unforgettable moments.

Besides many other accomplishments, Fatih “gob b” Dayik pushed our CS:GO division into the ESL Pro League, an unforgettable grand-final finish at ESL One Cologne 2018 in front of our home crowd and secured legend status at two CS:GO Majors. Under his leadership, as our team-captain and one of the greatest in-game masterminds in Counter-Strike history, BIG developed into a leading global esport organization.

Before he co-created BIG in 2017, he was part of several successful rosters, won 13 national championships and Intel Extreme Masters Season II & III alongside legendary players such as tixo, kapio, gore & cyx.

He was and will always be a leader with unmatched abilities, strategic thinking and a great personality – a role model in our growing esports community. As a shareholder of BIG he will help shape our club in a leading position within BIG in a new, management-focused position. 

This change comes after a challenging time, where we and Fatih “gob b” Dayik were convinced that a major change was needed. After ESL One Cologne and the StarSeries EU Minor, the management board, which included Fatih “gob b” Dayik, decided to restructure the CS:GO division. We will announce all changes in separate news – this afternoon.


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Statement Fatih “gob b” Dayik

German (English below):

Wie viele es schon erahnt haben werde ich meine Spielerkarriere beenden. Zuerst will ich mich bei allen Fans und meinem Team bedanken. Ohne euch hätte ich niemals solange gespielt. Ihr wart meine Motivation und Inspiration.

Ich habe viele Nachrichten bekommen, dass ich nicht aufhören soll. Dies ist kein Ende, ich werde natürlich weiter bei BIG sein. Ich hatte einfach das Gefühl, dass es Zeit ist für mich eine neue Rolle einzunehmen. Das Team und das Management will mich in jeder Art unterstützen und das schätze ich sehr. Vielleicht sind einige von euch traurig, aber ich kann euch versichern und es nochmal unterstreichen, dass das hier nicht das Ende ist. Es ist ein neuer Weg und ich hoffe auf die Unterstützung, die ihr mir in meiner ganzen Karriere gegeben habt. 

Ich hoffe ihr versteht, dass ich erstmal ein wenig Zeit für meine Familie und Freunde haben möchte, was all die Jahre definitiv zu kurz geraten ist. Ich werde natürlich immer hinter dem Team stehen und hoffe dabei auf eure Unterstützung. Wir hatten enttäuschende sechs Monate, aber gerade jetzt brauchen wir euch umso mehr, denn das schaffen wir nur #gemeinsam. Ich hoffe ihr könnt meine Entscheidung verstehen und nachvollziehen. Ich brauche einfach eine kleine Pause um mich auch für die nächsten Aufgaben vorzubereiten. Ich habe einiges vor und ihr könnt euch auf einiges gefasst machen. Ich hoffe ihr versteht mich und ich bin mir sicher, zusammen werden wir noch große und schöne Momente erleben. 

In Liebe, euer gobelante



As many of you have already guessed, I will end my career as a player. First of all I want to thank all the fans and my team. Without you I would have never played this long. You were my motivation and inspiration. 

I got a lot of messages that I shouldn’t stop playing. This is not the end and I will of course continue to be with BIG. I just felt it was time for me to take on a new role. The team and the management want to support me in every way and I appreciate that very much. Maybe some of you are sad but I can assure you and underline it again it is not an end. It is a new chapter and I hope for the support you have given me throughout my career. 

I hope you understand that I want to have some time for my family and friends, before I take on my new role in BIG, which all these years came definitely too short. Of course I will always stand behind the team and hope for your support. We had a disappointing six months, but right now, we need you more than ever. We will do everything we can to improve ourselves, but we need you, to do it #gemeinsam. I hope you can understand and comprehend my decision. I just need a little break to prepare myself for the upcoming tasks.  I have some plans you can look forward to. I hope you understand my decision and I am sure, together we will once again have great and beautiful moments. 

In love, your gobelante

Statement Berlin International Gaming, Daniel Finkler, CEO

The respect I feel for Fatih “gob b” Dayik can not be put into words. He is one of the greatest and most intelligent personalities I`ve ever met. Surely, without any doubts, he helped to push BIG onto the biggest stages of esports. I feel thankful for all his efforts, the sweat & hard work he did put into our family. He is a true leader and a person I will always look up to.

While we will surely miss him on the server, I`m looking forward to welcome Fatih in a leading position behind all our teams and players. This is a new era in our history. Thank you, Fatih.



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