LoL Update – Welcome Yannick “Pandar” Greff as a substitute

Berlin, June 20th 2019 We are very excited to announce the arrival of German support maestro Yannick “Pandar” Greff to the BIG family!

Already a well-known personality in the German League of Legends scene, Pandar will be joining us as our League of Legends streamer. Playing professionally since Season 3, Pandar has years of experience under his belt, which is why he is also joining our League of Legends line-up as our official substitute player.


Statement Philipp Neubauer, CCO & Creative Director

I am beyond excited to have Pandar as a streamer and substitute in BIG. He is an integral part of the German League of Legends community, who provides great entertainment and gameplay on his streams over on Twitch. I’m looking forward to our projects here at BIG and wish him a warm welcome!

Statement Yannick “Pandar” Greff, Streamer & Substitute Player

I am happy to become a part of the family and will do my best to support the team as much as I can with my knowledge and experience. I’m also looking forward to seeing some new faces in the chat and hope I can pleasure your daily dose of League.

Statement Danusch “Arvindir” Fischer, Head Coach

I’m really happy to have Pandar on board! During my time in EURONICS I’ve already had the pleasure of working with Yannick and know what qualities he brings to a team.

Especially with our botlane of Carzzy and labrov being really young, bringing in some experience (and maturity) will improve our stability. This does not change our starting roster as we are really happy with the way labrov has implemented himself in the team but since labrov is finishing school, it was really important to me to have a more than qualified support player ready to sub in if needed. I look forward to working with Yannick, and hope that it helps both Yannick and us improve!


Make sure you follow Pandar on Twitch, Twitter and keep an eye out for his upcoming streams under the BIG banner! #GOBIG

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