Streamlining Esports Transfers: Our Plan for a Unified Global Platform

Despite the enormous number of professional esports teams and an even larger number of professional players, there is currently no unified platform for both. Contracts are established through direct inquiries, requiring significant effort and the involvement of third parties. In creating a transfer market that enables direct exchanges between teams and players, BIG partners with NMKR and yellow house to simplify and standardize the transfer system.
Esports is global. Teams and players come from all parts of the world, and transfers happen almost every day. These can be extremely complicated due to factors like cross-border regulations. The initial contact also happens through direct inquiries, which can quickly become overwhelming and chaotic. Additionally, third parties are involved in facilitating player transfers, making the first step already trying and complex even before contract negotiations begin.
One Platform for everything
A global, standardized transfer market can offer a solution. Players and teams can easily sign up and enjoy numerous benefits. This would significantly streamline initial contacts, benefiting both players and teams. The platform offers detailed player profiles, including comprehensive performance statistics, gameplay history, achievements, and other relevant data. Players can showcase their skills and accomplishments to attract teams. Conversely, teams have access to profiles that provide information about their history, achievements, current roster, and management. The platform highlights specific positions or skills teams seek, helping players find the best fit.
Additionally, a reputation system is integrated, allowing teams to include ratings and reviews from past player transfers and collaborations, fostering a transparent and trustworthy environment. The platform’s automation ensures a seamless experience, reducing the need for intermediaries, while its global accessibility allows for cross-border interactions without the usual complications.
Our Steps ahead
We are aware of the project’s scale and know that we are pursuing an ambitious goal. That’s why we are currently participating in the Project Catalyst funding project to establish a financial foundation. We also received lots of help from our partners NMKR, who will be responsible for the design, development, and implementation of the platform, and yellow house, taking care of all communication. Upon successful funding, we will proceed with the technical implementation and focus on getting players and teams on board. If there is one thing we have learned as an esports team, it is that it always takes new ideas and, above all, ambition to move forward.

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