As we gear up for the Prime League Summer Split, BIG is excited to reveal powerful additions to our League of Legends team. Joining us on this journey are two seasoned coaches and two skilled players, each ready to make their mark.
Our new head coach, Fayan “Gevous” Pertijs, is a celebrated strategist whose track record includes owning the European Masters Summer title. “Teaming up with Gevous felt right from our very first meeting”, says Chief Gaming Officer Roman Reinhardt. “His approach to the game resonates with our vision, and we’re excited to see him contribute to our team’s success.”
Assisting him is Davide “Sotze” Di Guida, a veteran with seven years of coaching experience across various top-tier teams, and multiple triumphed tournaments. “Sotze’s expertise will be crucial in developing creative strategies that enhance our gameplay, ensuring that every player’s strengths are maximized and every match scenario is perfectly navigated”, Roman Reinhardt adds.
Fresh Faces on the Lanes
On the player front, Jesper “Jeskla” Strömberg joins as our new ADC. After refining his skills as part of Vitality’s Academy Team, Jeskla is ready to disrupt the lanes with his aggressive playstyle. He already demonstrated his talent while representing BIG at the Red Bull League of Its Own, securing the derby win over EINS and going head-to-head with the world champion, T1.
Alexander “Lekcyc” Lexikov, previously with Unicorns of Love, will bolster our team as a support, bringing both crucial supporting power and a steady hand in high-pressure situations. His disciplined approach to training and match preparation sets an example for both veterans and rookies alike.
“With Jeskla and Lekcyc, we are integrating two players who have already proven their skills several times and bring the necessary serenity and experience into our roster”, Roman Reinhardt adds. “With the addition of our new coaching strategists, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming matches and are extremely happy to welcome everyone to the BIG family.”
We invite all our fans to join us in the tournaments ahead: Follow our journey and support your favorite players as we dive into the competition!

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