Following their triumphant run at the 2022 Equal Esports Festival where they vanquished Rogue Stars, our BIG Chroma team returned to the LAN stage this month. The challenge ahead? A thrilling face-off against the formidable SK Gaming Avarosa. Our fearless BIG Chroma team, consisting of exceptional female and non-binary talent, was ready to add another laurel to their name in League of Legends esports.
The battlefield of Summoner’s Rift witnessed a fierce showdown between BIG Chroma and SK Gaming Avarosa. Every second of the game was intense, but our team displayed exceptional coordination, strategic prowess, and individual talent. After a grueling 40-minute clash, BIG Chroma stood victorious, establishing their dominion once again as back-to-back Equal Esports champions. This landmark win further affirmed BIG Chroma’s position at the forefront of inclusivity and competitive excellence in the German esports scene.

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But the excitement didn’t end there. Following the adrenaline-pumping championship match, a brand-new tournament was announced – the PATHFINDERS Women’s League of Legends tournament. We’re delighted to announce that BIG Chroma has been confirmed as one of the participating teams. So, fans can look forward to seeing our champions back in action this very weekend for their inaugural matches in PATHFINDERS. As we gear up for yet another thrilling chapter of competition, we stand tall, proud, and ready to carve a path of glory once again. Stay tuned for BIG action!

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