BIG enters Trackmania – Dennis “Massa” Lotze

We at BIG are thrilled to announce our entrance into the Trackmania scene. After a recent search in the Trackmania community to find a suitable player to represent our organization, we are delighted to announce the signing of Dennis „Massa“ Lotze.

Over the past ten years, Trackmania has been and still is one of the most popular online racing games, with the most prestigious event being the ESWC Grand Finale held in Paris. Already having a top 10 finish at an ESWC Grand Finale in Paris, consistent top 3 placements in other important competitions like the Gamers Assembly in Poitiers on his resume and having finished 2nd last weekend in the Trackmania ProLeague, he is the perfect pick up for us, fitting our ambition of being the best in Germany and competing at the highest international level.

Massa started playing Trackmania casually in 2010. After only two years of playing he was picked up by his first team. Later playing under the names of Team Dignitas and Team Expert, the now 23 years old made himself a name in the scene. Massa is known for being one of the fastest but also riskiest drivers in Trackmania and not having missed a single grand final in any of the offline tournaments he competed in in the last years.

This weekend Dennis “Massa” Lotze is going to represent us for the first time at Gamers Assembly 2018 in Poitiers, France. Welcome to BIG!

Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO

BIG is not just a word and the acronym for “Berlin International Gaming”, BIG also stands for our approach to enter various esport titles on a top level. Trackmania has been one of the most popular esport racing games for over 15 years now and we are happy to enter the scene with one of the world’s fastest drivers. 

Statement Dennis “Massa” Lotze

“I’m really happy to get an opportunity to prove myself in such an organization as BIG. I feel really honored to play and stream under their flag! Hopefully, I can introduce many new but also old people to the competitive scene of Trackmania. The first talks with the BIG Family have been really nice and welcoming. Looking forward to the future and I’m ready to #GOBIGORGOHOME ”

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