BIG withdraws from PUBG

Sometimes change is needed to explore new opportunities. After an in-depth evaluation of internal aspects regarding the PUBG roster and the current state of the game, we came to the joint conclusion to not continue our journey in PUBG.

Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO

We want to express our deep gratitude towards our former PUBG athletes for their efforts during the time. We also respect and support the decision of Antonin “TONI SOSA” Bernhardt to continue his professional career in CS:GO, as he has a strong desire to go back to his roots.

Statement Antonin “TONI SOSA” Bernhardt

During the last six months, I dedicated my life to PUBG. I am more than thankful for the opportunity BIG offered me last year and for all the support we received, they are awesome guys. However, I have a strong desire to go back to CS:GO since I haven’t been out for too long and I simply miss playing the game on a top level. Thanks once more to BIG, it has been an interesting journey, which I’m very grateful for.


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