BIG Presents League of Legends roster for 2023

Berlin, December 15th 2022 – With a mixture of experienced veterans and promising young stars, BIG returns to the Rift to battle for the Prime League title with a new team!
Following our signing of Tom “Rulfchen” Ruckh, we began work on forming our League of Legends roster for the next Prime League split. Together with Rulfchen and our coaching staff, we have selected a team that features a combination of experienced veterans who have played at the largest stages of the world, and young talent looking to prove themselves on the rift. 
We are delighted to announce that we have found our new constellation of players, so give a warm welcome to Armin “Kaymin” Kaymer, Tamás “Vizicsacsi” Kiss and Leon “Leon” Anton who join Franciszek “Harpoon” Gryszkiewicz and Tom “Rulfchen” Ruckh to round out our roster. Tim “Sh0x” Rücker will also join the team as assistant coach, helping Outlandisch with his coaching duties.

Statement Christian Lenz, CGO
We already had a good plan for some months how our roster should look like. Together with our captain Rulfchen and head coach Outlandisch we have managed to get all the players we wanted, which made it super smooth for us going into the next year. We have also just finished our first bootcamp as a team and I couldn’t be happier with how fast our players adapted to each other. Starting into 2023 we will have a bootcamp again and use our facilities from the start of the Prime League season. Huge thanks to our amazing partners for supporting our League of Legends project so well!
Statement Sermend “Outlandisch” Al Hmawendi, Head Coach
I am really excited to continue with BIG as the head coach for 2023. We decided this off-season to create a roster that combines a lot of experience with new faces on the BIG stage. Having someone like Vizicsacsi with so much LEC experience and someone like Kaymin who is so hungry to prove himself, is a mixture that will lead us to the trophy. Our practice phase showed promising results already and we are excited to show that on the rift.
Statement Tom “Rulfchen” Ruckh, Team Captain
First, the question of what a good team is made of needs to be raised. Is it individually strong players? The coaching staff that forms the team? Luck? To build a strong team first you need to know what you are looking for. We sat down very early and discussed values, philosophy, and how we want to play. With this core it just felt right, we clicked immediately. There is a certain team spirit, it feels like we are at the beginning of a great adventure. The goal for 2023 is to climb the mountain in front of us and by the end of the year all the doubters will look so small from the top!

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