Unikrn increases stake in BIG

We’re pleased to announce that Unikrn increased their stake in Berlin International Gaming (BIG) and extends their support after nearly half a year of negotiations.

Leading into the Boston Major, we knew BIG’s CS:GO squad had already achieved impressive feats, hitting a peak rank in the top 10 teams globally and reaching legend status at their first major. Throughout the major, we cheered them on, and after the major and subsequent roster shuffles, the team knows that we are invested for the long haul. With our stake increase, we are signaling that be believe not only in the players, the culture and the work ethic of the players, but also with BIG’s staff and management.

Unikrn’s CEO, Rahul Sood, said, “Throughout their recent roster changes and upcoming challenges, I want to say to BIG: thank you for representing Unikrn, and we believe in your future. We will continue to support you in every way we can because you embody the Unikrn spirit.”

Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO

“2017 has been an exciting year for BIG. We had a clear roadmap and things went even better than expected. Having a successful business is the result of hard work and a dedicated team behind the scenes. Today we are one of the most successful esport brands in Germany and continue to make progress in all areas. Unikrn is part of this success story since our foundation and we are proud to expand our relationship with such a powerful organization.”

Tom Lemke, Daniel Finkler and Yilmaz Ozan


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