Roster change – a new era


In January 2017 we united five German players with the goal to become the best German CS:GO team and compete with the international elite. What followed was a tremendous success story: The team initially finished 2nd at DreamHack Leipzig 2017, won the German Championship, earned a spot for ESL Pro League, qualified for the Major and gained the legend status by beating FaZe, Cloud9 and SK-Gaming.

After these major efforts however it was hard to stay at this top level. Although we finished 2nd at DreamHack Denver and ESWC Paris in October and November, we weren’t completely satisfied with our performance since August 2017 and started to work on possible solutions before the ELEAGUE Major preparation started. The practise results were promising, the team worked extremely hard and we also regained confidence. Unfortunately the results in Atlanta didn’t show all those efforts and we didn’t reach the play-offs in Boston.

After intense evaluations of the current situation and under consideration of all possible alternatives, we came to the joint conclusion that a roster change will help our team in the upcoming leagues, qualifiers and tournaments.

After more than one year in the starting roster Kevin “keev” Bartholomäus will move to a substitute-position. Keev played a vital part in our recent history and during our major run last year and will continue to support the team. Furthermore, Nikola “LEGIJA” Ninic will step back from the starting roster in order to assist Alexander “kakafu” Szymanczyk & Fatih “gob b” Dayik as our new Head of CS:GO. His great experience and leadership will help us to bring our roster back on track to overcome all the upcoming challenges.

We are currently testing possible candidates to complete our CS:GO roster and we will keep you informed about future changes on Twitter. Changes are never easy, but we are are confident to get back on track soon. The BIG story will continue and we are thankful for all the support you show us every day.



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