Our League of Legends team has successfully secured their spot in the playoffs, marking an impressive achievement in the Prime League Summer Split! 
The team demonstrated a spectacular start by defeating formidable opponents like SK Gaming Prime, leading the league with an early 5-1 standing. However, as the weeks progressed, they faced challenges in maintaining their performance, suffering defeats against rivals such as Eintracht Spandau, MOUZ, and Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition. Due to these setbacks, the team was forced to rethink their strategies.
Nonetheless, the players’ unwavering determination and hard work ultimately paid off. Overcoming their losing streak, Rulfchen and his teammates fought their way back, securing crucial victories, notably triumphing in the derby against Eintracht Spandau, who held a strong second place on the leaderboards. The presence of our former LEC player, Vizicsacsi, proved pivotal, as he dominated numerous matches on the top lane with champions such as Rumble.
After a total of 18 matches, our team achieved an 11-7 standing, securing their place in the playoffs. As we concluded the regular season in fourth place, we must now navigate our way through the lower bracket, with the playoffs commencing this week.
Our first playoff opponent will be Schalke 04, whom we already defeated twice during the regular split. The best-of-five challenge comes our way on the 27th of July at 18:00 CEST, so we hope to see you in the chat of our broadcast at twitch.tv/bigclangg!

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