BIG welcomes Creative Director Philipp Neubauer

Berlin, January 11th: For 2018 we combine forces with Philipp “PHILIAN” Neubauer, who will join us as our new Creative Director & Content Artist.

Philipp Neubauer has a vast experience in content production and worked for SK-Gaming & mousesports before. Having joined RoomOnFire as a Creative Director in 2016 he was nominated as “Videographer of the year” for the Esports Industry Awards 2017.

He already worked for BIG during the last year on different projects including the PGL Major Documentary about our legend run in Krakow.



Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO

Our fans are the most important part of BIG. Without all of the support we wouldn’t be able to move forward. We can’t be more thankful, but we can try to give our fans something back. As many of you enjoyed our event documentaries and asked for more video content, we began brainstorming for the best solution. I’ve known Philipp for years and I’m happy to have him on board as our new creative director. Besides being an extremely talented content creator and videographer, he is already a BIG fan and lives next to the team in Berlin. Welcome to BIG!

Statement Philipp Neubauer, Creative Director

I am thrilled to take on this new position with BIG as Creative Director & Content Artist. I have many projects and a distinct vision I want to achieve with the media team and players. And just like previously, I want to capture the most iconic and epic moments of our team and produce the most memorable content.

Philipp Neubauer will take you behind the scenes of BIG and deliver more video content around our teams and players. Welcome. Check out his Twitter profile for further insights and information about his past journey.


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