BIG partners up with HÖRLUCHS

Berlin, November 4th. It’s finally official. We’re proud to partner up with HÖRLUCHS and want to welcome a new player to the esports world. HÖRLUCHS is a premium supplier for hearing protection, hearing aids and high-performance InEar Audio systems and stands for quality “Made in Germany”. The German company domiciled in Hersbruck is already cooperating with professional musicians, the racing industry and is a contact point for customers with exceptionally high-quality claims. Now HÖRLUCHS is ready to set new standards for gamers all over the world. Besides the already existing products and custom-made pro InEars, which from now on are going to be used at events by our professional teams, HÖRLUCHS and our players worked on a gaming product line, to bring your hearing and gaming experience to the next level. We’re thrilled!

Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO

The last couple months have been exciting in every aspect. At the very latest when qualifying for the PGL Major in Krakau, and reaching “legends”-status there, we arrived at the world’s top-level of counter strike. There, of course, will always be setbacks, but that is sports: an infinitely long, rocky road, with ups and downs. Success is not always predictable – but influenceable in the long run. Our team stands for the desire to win, team spirit and friendship. With the support of you, our fans and our partners we get the necessary backing on this exciting and challenging path. Therefore, we are very happy to have found a new partner in HÖRLUCHS, who will support us and our team on our journey. Especially in gaming, the sound is a deciding component for success and we are happy that we were able to convince HÖRLUCHS of our vision.

Statement HÖRLUCHS

We at HÖRLUCHS love what we do. It’s not just a job, it’s our passion. For years we have engineered, designed and produced hearing aids and hearing protection systems. That’s why the experience we have earned doing that, made us create InEars made in Germany that are difficult to find in such quality, comfort and design. And the InEars for gamers are the next logical evolution. We are on the one hand proud, that we can work side by side with BIG to improve a product which already is very good. Their expertise will make us see and create things differently and for sure better. And learning and improving is what we want. On the other hand we are very happy to have such a partner, because also for BIG it’s not just a job. It’s passion and love for what they do what makes them so good, what made them become one of the best gaming-teams we know. So, yeah! We’re lucky, happy and proud to be part of this adventure.

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