Join us on the BIG Fan App!

Berlin, July 8th – Many of you are probably already familiar with the mobile application we have released lately, developed by our partners at Blocksport. We understand that a new platform can be a bit overwhelming to get into, so we are here to give you the rundown of all the things you can do on the app!
Stay up to date with all the BIG news by seeing all the latest updates as soon as you open the application! By clicking on the posts, you are able to read all about the topic from the comfort of your phone. Just underneath, you can keep track of all our upcoming and previous games. If you feel up for the challenge, you can predict the winners of the matches, or if you are legally allowed, you can also place bets on the games thanks to Betway!



Scroll a bit down, and you find the voting section! Here you can have a say in our day to day operations, by voting on topics such as what type of content we should produce, what type of prizes you want in giveaways, what type of merch we should release, and more! It’s as simple as just selecting the option you want!
In the Fan App you can find promotions and offers exclusive to the app, to reward our fans who look to get a bit more involved in the community. One of these features are fan missions, where you can complete various missions to level up your account and unlock fantastic prizes! What about a steam signature from your favorite Player? Some signed merch, a video message, or even a game with the team? All these and more are prizes you can potentially win through missions!



Feel like doing a bit of shopping? Come and purchase your favorite BIG merch from the comfort of your phone in the shopping section! You will also be able to purchase the games you like through our G2A integration! Fans on the app will also be rewarded with certain discounts and offers that are not given anywhere else!
Now, what’s a community without a place to chat? You can keep track of announcements and talk to other BIG fans in the chat menu! Fans looking to elevate their in-app experience and support BIG at the same time can purchase a premium membership, which allows them to manage their own chatrooms, browse statistics, gain access to exclusive content, and more!



More and more features are added on a monthly basis, so come and join us in the new hub for BIG fans! If you have any requests for features or feedback, we are all ears! Just send us a message at!

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