From a group stage exit to champions of the captains circle, read all about the trials of Sephiblack and Team Germany at Gamers8!
The next international stop of our Tekken virtuoso, Sephiblack, was participating at Gamers8 2023 as part of Team Germany, sharing the stage with Tetsu from GamerLegion and HK Jr. from FaZe. This formidable trio experienced a challenging start at the tournament, making an early exit in the group stage of the main event after a streak of intense sets.
However, their spirit remained unbroken as they geared up for the next day’s challenge – the Captains Circle. This cutthroat single elimination tournament was a battle between eliminated teams vying for the stunning $50,000 prize. It was a test of true grit and Tekken prowess, one that our champions were ready for.
Team Germany began their comeback journey with a bang, defeating Côte d’Ivoire in the first round. Their momentum continued as they went on to outplay Team Thailand, securing their place in the grand final. The energy was palpable, the stakes high, but our heroes were unstoppable.
In the climactic finale, it was HK Jr. who delivered the final, victorious blow, conquering Team Saudi Arabia and crowning Team Germany as the undisputed champions of the Gamers8 Captains Circle! We’re incredibly proud of Sephiblack and his teammates for their stellar performance and unyielding perseverance. As he prepares to take on his next challenge at the Brussels Challenge later this week, we’re confident he’ll continue to #GOBIG!

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