BIG to launch for the German community

In the past years, we have received an incredible amount of unconditional love and support from our fantastic fans. For this very reason, it gives us great joy to be able to give back to the community whenever possible.

A few months ago, we have embarked on the ambitious endeavor of creating something that would help build the Counter-Strike scene in Germany, and serve as a hub for the local scene. After months of hard work, we are excited to announce the official launch of,  a community-driven Counter-Strike Matchmaking, and Team Building platform.

Backed by the Counter-Strike expertise of BIG, and the experienced former GPL admin team helmed by tahsiN and KrybeN, Esportal aims to provide the German community with a platform that ensures a high-quality competitive experience, and an environment which is free of toxic behavior and cheating.  

To achieve this, Esportal employs an easy-to-use and proprietary Anti-Cheat client, as well as a comprehensive matchmaking system for teams and solo players alike. The users will also have the opportunity to win some fancy prizes through the platform’s challenge system.

Thanks to our partnership with Ospark, who is involved with other high profile esports ventures such as Lemondogs and Inferno Online, Esportal will continue adding new features and updates in the coming months, to make sure that the German community will receive an excellent Counter-Strike experience.

Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO

The decision to operate our own gaming platform in Germany has matured in recent months. After initial talks with Ospark in the summer, we quickly agreed on common goals. It is not only a milestone for us, but we want to make our own contribution to the development of the German Counter-Strike community and offer a platform to all those who want to compete with like-minded people every day in a fair environment. Right from the start, we have relied on a very strong management team and would like to develop the platform step by step into a central element of the German Counter-Strike scene. We welcome every new user, young or old, male or female, to our site. Let the games begin!  

Statement Christian Lenz, CGO

Our cooperation with Esportal is a massive stepstone for us. It will be way easier to help the CS:GO community in Germany grow under our expertise. The platform will also be the new basis of our scouting process regarding new talents, especially for our academy team. We will be very strict about cheaters, trolls and bad attitude. In return, all players have the chance to play in an ambitious system and earn attractive prizes.

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