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Betway and BIG extend partnership

Berlin, 15 March 2021 – Today we are delighted to announce that our partnership with Betway, one of the most famous betting operators on the globe has been extended!
Since the start of our partnership in 2019, they have stood behind us and supported us rain or shine, and played a large part in enabling us to achieve our dreams and reach the coveted number one spot during last year.


 Statement Daniel Finkler, BIG CEO
Today I am delighted to announce that our partnership with Betway, one of the world’s most famous betting operators, has been successfully extended! Since the start of our partnership in the early days of 2019, there have been many memorable moments with unforgettable victories and achievements that we are very proud of. Betway and all the people behind the scenes have been amazingly supportive and loyal partners throughout these years. I am very pleased that we can continue with Betway as our main partner!
Statement Adam Savinson, Head of Esports at Betway
We have had an incredibly successful 2 years of sponsorship with BIG, and watching them develop into one of the world’s best CS:GO teams has been a true pleasure. With today’s renewal, I’m excited to confirm our dedication to both BIG as an organisation as well as the wider CS:GO industry!
Esports fans are able to enjoy the value we have created together on a regular basis, be it entertaining video content, or more in-depth campaigns we roll out on our channels.
As we look forward to another year, we are incredibly grateful to have such a supportive and industry-savvy partner in the BIG Family to be with us for the ride. Stay tuned for further high-quality content and activations coming from our partnership!