LoL Update – Arvindir Extends with BIG

Berlin, May 31st 2021 – Becoming the face of BIG League of Legends and the success behind the team over the years, we are delighted to announce that we are extending with our Head Coach Danusch “Arvindir” Fischer until the end of 2023!  
Providing the guidance needed for our League of Legends department to secure numerous Premier Tour trophies, ESL Meisterschaft, Prime League, and the coveted European Masters title, Arvindir has set himself as the bedrock for our line-ups over the years. Building rosters from scratch that achieved success both internationally and at DACH regional events, we are proud to know that he will continue steering our League of Legends team as we continue to pursue excellence in the upcoming seasons. 


Statement Daniel Finkler, BIG CEO
Danusch “Arvindir” Fischer has shown how important he is to the League Of Legends team’s terrific successes over the past three years. He has made many successful decisions and has a clear vision for the team. He also fits very well into our club as a personality. His values are aligned with the values of BIG. I am delighted that we could extend the contract with him as Head Coach for such a long period. This extension also underlines our commitment to League Of Legends, which we want to expand steadily. With our facility in Berlin, we have the best conditions to continue our past successes in the future.


Statement Danusch “Arvindir” Fischer, League of Legends Head Coach
Joining BIG in late 2018 was the best decision I could have ever made. These past three years have been nothing but amazing and therefore it was a no-brainer to extend my contract with BIG. We had some ups and downs but the family atmosphere and great relationship with the team is very unique in esports and I think the success we had speaks for itself.  I’m really thankful for the trust and comfortable environment I have here and am more than excited for the future years to come!


Ready for our next Prime League split starting this June, we look forward to writing another chapter of success in our League of Legends story together with Arvindir. Make sure to stay tuned for a documentary on his career and triumphs achieved at BIG coming out later this year! 

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