The BIG. OMEN Academy Graduates


Work hard, dream BIG. A little over two years after the formation of the BIG. OMEN Academy, we are delighted to announce that the first generation of talents have graduated from the project to careers as full-time professionals.
In 2018, we started our academy project in collaboration with OMEN to find the hidden talents of the German scene, and provide them with an environment where they can unleash their potential and make the steps towards becoming professionals. We saw it as our duty as the biggest organization focusing on Germany to ensure that the scene has a healthy flow of young players who will be able to carry the torch onwards.
Already proving themselves in local competition by winning 99Liga Season 15, Meisterschaft Relegation and Blick Esports Masters, the team has also made their mark internationally in various cups and leagues. In the HLTV rankings, they reached the top 80, and were recognized as the fourth best team in Germany. Now, our young stars will make their way to some of the best teams in Germany, introducing a new generation of talent and signifying the success of our academy project. 


Statement Daniel Finkler, CEO
The BIG. OMEN Academy Team is continuing to be a tremendous success story, and I am very proud of the outstanding results we have achieved so far. Back in 2018, we established our Academy department together with OMEN. At that time, our goal was to find the best German talents and shape them into professionals under our management. We have achieved this goal. We are delighted that we could pave the way for some of our talented players to become full-time professionals in some of the best German teams. 
Of course, this is not the end of the BIG. OMEN Academy team. We want to continue this success story together with OMEN before the end of January 2021 and soon announce the casting process details. #WORKHARDDDREAMBIG


Statement Christian Lenz, CGO
It’s hard to put in words what the BIG. OMEN by HP Academy project means for us. Since our first casting over two years ago we had the pleasure to work with different characters, already promoting “preet” (Team Expert) and “devraNN” (Team AHG) each after one season with us to play full-time as professionals. Now it’s time for “Anhuin”, “Krimbo” and “PANIX” to make the next step, most likely to be followed by prosus, HadeZ and our analyst “jansen”. For “Anhuin”, “PANIX” and “HadeZ”, who played for us basically since day one it’s a well deserved promotion thanks to their outstanding behavior and will to get better. I’m very happy for them and I’m sure they will set their mark within the national and international scene. There will be good options for “prosus”, our young 17 year old prodigy, whose skill is already far above a normal academy player and it’s my personal interest to accompany him on his next steps.
A “BIG” shoutout also to our analyst “jansen” who helped the team day and night, his next employer can be happy to have him on board. Not forgetting about honorable mentions from our original squad: “ReactioNN”, “AHEAD” and “Eule”! I’m really looking forward to work around a new BIG. OMEN Academy team in 2021, giving new players the chance to chase and fulfill their dream! I will close this super long statement with a quote from Tara Jaye Frank: “People don’t get promoted for doing their jobs really well. They get promoted by demonstrating their potential to do more.
The saga doesn’t end here though. As one of the few truly successful academy projects in Counter-Strike, we will continue alongside OMEN in scouting a fresh line-up of promising rookies through the GoBIG League, and preparing them for the professional leagues. Keep an eye out on our social media for more information about the next project. 
Until then, we would like to thank Anhuin, HadeZ, prosus, PANIX, Krimbo, jansen and mvN for all their hard work, and wish them the best of luck as professionals! 

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